Packing & Removals

DETTRA LOGISTICS Packaging & Removals service is designed to remove the hassle and stress of office relocation.

DETTRA LOGISTICS Professional Moving Service
At DETTRA LOGISTICS we understand the critical need for on-time scheduling to ensure minimal disruption of your core business during office relocation. We provide planning, advice, resources and partner services to tackle the most demanding commercial and office removals.

We understand that your business is about making money and so if you are grounded during relocation then your shareholders will be looking at stretching your time and effort to make up for lost profits. We compliment your desire to move on with business by delivering a fast, convenient, flexible and cost-effective office relocation service.

Business relocation in Nairobi and mombasa may actually be more stressful than moving your home and family as you may not have control over multiple variables that come to play in when businesses relocate.

We understand the importance of careful planning and therefore do advise our clients to provide adequate time at least two months from sourcing of a service provider, contract negotiation and award and actual execution. We however do recognise that sometimes business have to relocate overnight! We are supply chain professionals and flexibility, agility and quick response is at the core of our training and experience so in the event circumstances demand immediate relocation talk to us

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